Yes, even more carpets. 😀 I think I’ve got a serious carpet addiction here! (Seriously I think I do. You should see how many throw rugs, area rugs, etc., I have in real life.) I like having choices, so more can’t hurt, right?

There are 15 colors, each with a darker and lighter version- except for the white. They have their own thumbnail with swatches and can be found in build mode under carpets for 4 Simoleons.



Aunt Jo’s Farm was once an impressive acreage but has been reduced to the size of a small hobby farm by the encroachment of suburbia. I built this for three Young Adult Sims who all Love the Outdoors. There’s plenty of room for a garden (you can even divvy it up into sections like I did – fruits in one spot, veggies in another, etc.), and the barn is the perfect place for pursuing other hobbies (right now it contains a woodworking bench). 

For those days spent indoors, there are plenty of books in the living room, a gramophone, a small TV, a coffee machine, and a computer. There’s even a fireplace so your Sims can warm their bums on those non-existent chilly nights.

This lot requires CC, so make sure to download that from the link below!


  • 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
  • Chess (outside), woodworking bench (in barn), TV, gramophone, bookshelves, computer, coffee machine, guitar
  • Ample space for gardening


  • Lot size: 40 x 30
  • Lot location: “Garden Essence” in Willow Creek
  • Recommended to place in Build Mode due to a few resized items
  • Uploaded to the Gallery under Origin ID silrosse and hashtag jenba

Required CC:

Work-in-progress pics:

Enjoy! 😀


  • Found in Wood.
  • Costs 5§.
  • White, Brown (x4), Black, Blue, Red.
  • Consists in a single Thumbnail with 8 swatches.
  • You can change the tile direction by pressing “,”.
  • Full preview in download folder & before the previous items. (only some full images shown here)

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