Okay, I made these as stand alone recolors for those that want them that way 🙂

If you have the my override file called “SingleMissionRecolors_SaudadeSims_11-24-14.package” in your mods folder just delete it and put the new stand alone file in there instead.

Download stand-alone recolors files from: 

my dropbox 

my google drive

Base Game Overrides of “The Single Mission Bed” by SaudadeSims

Some of you guys asked if I could upload the recolors of this bed that I shared a day or two ago. Thanks to the lovely and talented melbrewer, I figured out how to package my recolors so that I could put them up for you guys to grab. 

There are 16 in game original colors of this bed. I have replaced all 16 textures with my own recolors.

If you download this file only my recolors will show up, the original base game ones won’t. If you decide you don’t like mine, however, you can just delete the package and your originals will show back up. You place this .package file in your mods folder just like any other cc file.

All 16 recolors are included in one package file. I play tested them and they seem to work well, but please let me know if you have any issues. 

Here’s a link to the file on my google drive : click here

If you want to make your own recolors, I posted a step by step tutorial here: click here for tutorial

Have fun and enjoy!

TOU: Don’t claim as your own and don’t reupload.

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