Shabby Walls by Saudade Sims

I needed some sort of shabby chic walls, so here are these 🙂 They are Maxis match with the panelling, crown molding, baseboard, and chair rail. I added the chair rail from another Maxis panelling wall to this one because I didn’t like the way the original wall looked. I changed the height of the panelling too, b/c the Maxis one was too short. 

There are 20 solid walls (the solid wall colors are textured) and 18 patterned walls.

FYI, I had to replace one of the walls after I already made the whole package, so the thumbnail for the multicolored chevron is different in game. 

The solids and patterns separated into 2 files.

Download at my dropbox here

or google drive here

I’m really pleased with how they look ingame 🙂 I hope you enjoy them!

Made with Sims4Studio


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