I have two different recolor options for the Nom De Plume rug. The first package (seen in the second and third photo) is a patterned collection. A lot of the patterns I used are from TS3 (big shout out to zerbu again for extracting all of those and making them available!).

The second package is a Theme package with 3 baby themed rugs, 3 Christmas themed rugs, 3 Seasonal themed rugs (snowflakes, leaves, and fireworks, winter, fall, and summer), and with one Llama University rug!

As with all current object recolors these are overrides and you can only use one package at a time! I have not updated the thumbnails for these so they do not correspond with the swatches so you’ll just have to place one and then use the tool that lets you change the colors to find the one you want for now.

You can download them here. Remember! Only one package at a time though!

TOU: You know the drill. Don’t upload to other sites, paysites are hosted by the devil, don’t claim as your own because you’re better than that, and yes, you can totally recolor these as they’re just a recolor of a base game object anyways, just please link back to my original.

You don’t have to tag me in photos with my recolors but if you want to add the tag #melbcc so I can see it in use that’d be totally awesome and I’ll reblog it!

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