I really like these base game curtains, but (as always ;)) I don’t care for the original textures. I made two sets, one based off patterns from Ikea and the other plain.

There are 9 texture overrides in each package file, one for each of the original textures.

You can only have one set of these in your game at a time! I still haven’t taken the time to read up on how to change the thumbnails, so they still have the original thumbnail texture, sorry. 

These are default overrides b/c we can’t clone and recolor yet. As soon as we can, I’ll change them over 🙂

Unzip and place the package in your mods folder. If you decide you want the original texture back, just delete the package from your mods folder. 

Remember you can only have 1 set in your game at a time!

Download Patterns:

dropbox or

google drive

Download Plains:

dropbox or

google drive

TOU: Don’t reupload or claim as your own (and of course no paysites). 

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