dani-paradise this is the problem that is left 😦

is this post old, like before i messaged you? anyways, if you open the package in s4pe and scroll through the files in it (looking at the preview to the right) do you see a texture in there that kind of looks like the outline of the tank top? and did you use TS4 Mesh Tools to first remove the.. oh what was it, bump and specular map? cause when you do that there’s usually a sneaky one still remaining that causes lines like that.

and to the rest of you: anyone know if there’s a good tutorial on how to edit ts4 bump maps without having to just remove them? 

I just followed a tutorial for how to create a bump map that I found searching on google. It wasn’t sims related. It worked though. I overdid it though so I’m fixing it right now. Once I get I right I could make one. It’s actually quite simple.

Ooooh, Please do 🙂 I love your tutorials!


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