WIP Doors – Input Wanted!

Hey everybody! I have recolored one of the doors in 11 colors. Like the white overrides I previously released of these doors all of the nicks and dings are still gone! I personally like the white doors and am not upset with not having many more options for the interior doors (the exterior doors are a whole other story though! lol) so I want your input on the wood colors.

These are what I’ve come up with so far. A few of them are close to the same wood color as some of the items in the game as you can see in one of the images above.

You can download the door here. I have only included this one door for now since it’s a WIP that I just want feedback on.

You will notice in game that some of the doors look pixely, I’m aware of that and am going to correct it. That can happen when you make the color too saturated or too dark compared to the original that you’re recoloring. I can and will fix it.  When answering the following questions please keep a couple things in mind: A) I am but a simple woman with photoshop and 24 hours in a day, not a genie with limitless powers. Please don’t ask me to provide you with every crayola color in the box. B) I’m specifically working on wood tones right now. Please don’t ask for things like blue and pink. Just shades of brown, reddish brown, yellowish brown, etc. I already have white included and a pretty close to black one. Asking for grey would be okay. C) If an object in the game has the wood tone you’d like to see please tell me the name of the item and including a picture would help.

What I want to know though is Do you like the wood tones I’ve already created? Is there an item in the game that is a wooden tone that you’d like to see recreated that isn’t already close enough to one of the colors I’ve provided above?

I feel like it’s wrong to want to hug and kiss and rub my hands on doors. Pictures of a doors, even. These are stunning, Mel. I can’t think of any colors that are missing. Love em. Love you. Life is good.


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