12 Sitting Pretty Recolors by SaudadeSims

Hey guys, I’m sorry! I thought these were chairs that everyone had b/c they showed up in Sims4Studio’s Alice. According to inabadromance they are from buying “The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe.” So I don’t know if they will work in your game if you don’t have them already b/c you won’t have the object they were cloned from in your game. Sorry!

Even if you don’t have the digital deluxe set, this chair should still show up for you 🙂 Thanks for testing it out melbrewer367!

Love these chairs. Don’t like the Maxis textures. These are hard to recolor with a pattern because the mesh doesn’t line up right and the chair back gets mirrored. I wanted stripes and all kinds of stuff but all I can get to work is dots.

These aren’t perfect because I can’t get the pattern to line up perfectly on the sides, but it isn’t noticeable (unless you get zoomed all the way in and even then it’s not bad. I just don’t like that I can’t get it perfect. Sigh. You can see the problem if you click on the last pic, it’s where the green arrow is pointing.

The dotted chairs have white bows and the plain chairs have bows that match their respective colors.

Download at 

my dropbox or

my google drive

TOU: Don’t claim as your own and don’t reupload.


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