**Updated Again  because melbrewer367 is a little whiny ;)**

Here’s the combined file, all recolors in one file:

my dropbox

my googledrive


Made these stand-alone recolors with Sims4Studio’s Alice. Now you can have both sets!

I’ve been working on this stuff all day, so please let me know if something doesn’t work or if it doesn’t work right.

Just remove the old override file called

“SaudadeSims_MinimalistDrapes_Overrides_Pattern.package” or “SaudadeSims_MinimalistDrapes_Overrides_Plain.package”

and put the new files in your mods folder.

Pattern Recolors:

my dropbox

my google drive

Plain Recolors:

my dropbox

my google drive

I forgot to add that I took the plain white texture out of the pattern file and added another pattern instead. It’s pretty!

Overrides of the base game Minimalist Drapes by Saudade Sims

I don’t care for any of the curtain textures in the game. I needed new curtains! I made 2 sets, one is patterned, one is plain.

You can only choose one file of the files to place in your game. Whether you choose plain or patterns, my textures will override all the base game textures for this curtain.

Please click on the pics of the curtains with the patterns so you can see the patterns in better detail 🙂 *Ugh, the second pattern preview pic is showing the textures as pixelated and blurry. They aren’t like that in game! Sorry 😦

As always, we can’t yet create base game recolors that aren’t overrides and if you decide you want the old textures back, just delete the package file from your mods folder and the old ones will show back up.

Choose only one:

Download Patterns:

my dropbox or

my google drive

Download Plains:

my dropbox or 

my google drive

*I updated the white curtain in the plain set after I took the pics, so it’s much more white than in the preview.

TOU: Don’t claim as your own or reupload

Haha! I’ll accept being called whiny if it gets me what I want!! Bahahaha!

I know, right?! Just like my 12 year old 😉 It’s okay, I give in to him too. Smh. 


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