saudade-sims4 How am I just now hearing this??


How am I now just seeing this?? The whole album is good. I haven’t been able to say that about an album in years. 

i just got permission to do an artists stuff for sims 4 …i have no idea what i am doing and have only made one wallpaper in my life so far lol . i am looking for a good base to recolour and i am liking the 3rd pic in the wondymoons recolour ..what did you use for the base clone for that?? (if you don’t mind me asking of course )

I don’t mind at all. That Kyta1702’s Nature Painting 1 mesh, you can find it at TSR 🙂

how do i use your stuff in sims 4? i have absolutely no clue how to use it in my game. im in love with your creations!!

Download the stuff you want (make sure you know where you are downloading them to, for example everything I download downloads into a folder called “downloads”). Go into your “downloads” folder, or where ever you downloaded the packages to. Right click on them and choose “cut.” Paste them into your my documents>Electronic Arts>Mods folder. 

Step 3: Profit!

just kidding 😉

Open your game and your new cc should be there. If you download a .rar file you’ll have to unzip or unrar the archive before you place the package file in your “mods folder. 

Hope that helps! 

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Hey everyone! I have a little bit of a mod for my content for you. It is purely optional of course and will help you tell my stuff apart from standard content. It is default replacement thumbnails! I made these because EA removed the one way I used to distinguish my CAS CC and my object recolours really needed something to help them stand out. This was more for me, but since I am happy with them now, I thought I would share. There are 2 package files, one for CAS items, and one for object recolours.

How to use these default replacement thumbnails:

  1. download the package file(s)
  2. put in your mods folder just like any other custom content
  3. go to My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4
  4. find the file called “localthumbcache”
  5. delete it

When you start up the game next, the custom thumbnails will show up for all content I have previously released. All future content I will be adding custom thumbnails which will be included in the package file. This method is just easier so I don’t need to re-release my content again with the thumbnails.

Download CAS Thumbnails:
Mediafire | Onedrive

Download Object Thumbnails:
Mediafire | Onedrive

When you have time can you tell us how you did this? You know, step by step for the slow learners out there. Not that that includes me. Nope. ❤