Okay! This is a little complicated.

If you previously downloaded the separate files grab these:



Mod/Retro 1

Mod/Retro 2

Mel’s Bedroom Mattress

If you previously downloaded the merged files get these:

Bedding Merged

Mel’s Bedroom Set Merged

Just place these new files in your download folder and they should overwrite the the old ones. 

Oh, they all have custom thumbnails now too 🙂

TOU: don’t claim as your own and don’t reupload them anywhere.



Woo! First time sharing something! 😀
I pretty much always used this quilt pattern on my beds in TS3 and kept hoping I’d see it converted for TS4 and decided to give it a shot myself. I hope you’ll find a use for these. 🙂

They come in 25 colors (complete Eversim palette + a black, a grey and a white) and work with the design tool.


Veranka for the mattresses
Purplepaws for the pattern
Eversims for the palette
Made with Sims4Studio

mediafire (one .rar / two packages)



If someone who is smarter than I would be so kind as to show me how to get this to show up on my shirt, I would greatly appreciate it. Do I give it its own GEOM 0004? Or link it to an already established GEOM?

I don’t ask for much in the community but, if you could fix this for me, (no rush, I just need it by tomorrow. XD) I would be forever grateful. Please PM me if you’re willing to help out or collaborate. ♥

I promise, it’s for a very good cause…


I know nothing of clothing, can someone help Ajoya?

Manly Bedding by SaudadeSims

The sweet thisissimtastic asked me if I could make some manly bedding and this is what I came up with 🙂

These are on OM’s Sofia Selectables mattress mesh so Sims won’t walk through them and they are compatible with the ingame design tool. 

They have custom thumbnails and all my mattresses cost 367 simoleons.

TOU: Don’t reupload. Don’t claim as your own. Don’t be a meanie.

I’ll have an update for all my previous mattresses up later today 😉

Download at my google drive:


These are the things I made for prizes for

 the Sims4Studio Office Challenge  <<< click the link

The contest is our lovely ajoya-sims‘ brainchild. Don’t you just love her?

Here are the rules:


Ahh, the studio, for most of us it’s where ideas and creation began. For simmers, it’s the software we rely on to start a new creation. How fitting for our very first challenge.

The Challenge


GTW is at it’s peak for entrepreneurs around the world. Grab your business owner sim, have the two of you study the floor plan below. Recreate the studio and have it fit your owner’s business savvy style. Relating to their choice of career, (of course). Transforming this studio into their ultimate office where they get their paper work and finances completed.


  • S4 Participates

The Rules


  • Max. (10) pictures per post
  • (2) Entries Allowed
  • (1) Picture of your Entrepreneur
  • State their career (It can be one not relating to GTW.)
  • Tell us where this studio is located. Eg: Foundry Cove, Courtyard Lane, etc. MAP
  • A Studio is a very small space. Be Creative! Use wall space & MOO effectively.
  • You may NOT add on any additional space to the exterior of the building.
  • You May add walls within the interior.
  • You May remove walls within the interior.
  • You May increase the wall height of the original build.

  • Attention Please:
  • In order to qualify for your winnings, your images must be posted in this thread alongside your simblr. We want everyone to come together in a uniform area. This will make it easier on the judges come competition day. (Those of you who have already posted your link. You can just edit that post with your pictures too.) Thank you. ♥

So if you haven’t entered yet, run over to the Sims4Studio forum and check it out! There are already a ton of really great prizes over there, let’s see what you’ve got 🙂