Hello my fellow simblrs!

Today I have for you more Rusty Nail’s basic pants for teen through elder females. There are 9 solids, and 21 prints. Summer is finally arriving here, so I was in the mood for some bright colors! You HAVE to have Rusty’s mesh in order for it to work, which you can download here.

You can download my recolors here.


TOU: Please don’t claim as your own, or upload to any pay sites

P.S. I’ll be working on some pants for the dudes next!

Oooh look at this!

A SaudadeSims4 and Melbrewer367 Collaboration!



My glorious soul sister saudade-sims4​ has made a Crosley Turntable by request and I have made the recolors for it! This was such perfect timing for her to make it too because it’s exactly what I need for my Ultimate Build house I’ve been working on! 

This is a funtional audio device.


There are 14 colors. They are all grouped together in the same catalog entry and it costs 367 simoleons!


You can download it here.

TOU: Don’t claim as your own, don’t reupload, no paysites or adfly, and give credit where credit is due, please.


There’s a pic of it in my game 🙂 I love these collaborations, they are so much fun! Love you, melbrewer367!

Fuck Mod The Sims



Pulling this dress from MTS. Due to the rudeness of the moderator in question, and previous run-ins, I will be systematically removing every single download from there, several of which have 2000+ downloads. If you would like to download any of my things from MTS please do so within the next 48 hours. thanks. 

I have been accused of stealing, talked down to, and generally treated like crap by the admins there. I don’t deserve to be spoken to this way. I’m a nice person, I’m always polite and respectful. I’ve been a loyal member for years and was quickly becoming a popular creator. I may have less fans here at my Tumblr home, but I prefer the friendly atmosphere here.

There was absolutely no reason for that moderator to speak to you that way. Too bad for them, they have lost a brilliant creator. We love you!