Quick Update


If you’ve read my personal posts along the way you know that I’m going through a divorce and I moved out and that I’m having the greatest year ever despite all that, because, in fact, I’ve always been extremely independent and found the whole marriage/suburban life to be a bit…soul crushing…and didn’t realize just how soul crushing it was until I was set free of that life. 

So, I had moved into an apartment with a friend back in February. She moved back at the beginning of May and I’ve been living by myself since then. At first it was kinda like, “Wait, what I do now? It’s too quiet in here.” but then I turned my music up and realized it was perfectly fine here. Now though, my brother has bought a new house just a few blocks down from the one he already owns and I’ll be moving, once again, in one week! I’m moving into his old house and renting it from him! I’m super stoked about this! I really like this apartment and community but omg, I am so a house person! I need a yard and a garage, and more room for activities! And I’ll be able to turn my music up even louder and not turn it down at 11pm!!

Also, last month I got to take a little road trip 10 hours from here and stay with my soul sister, the amazing saudade-sims4! As seen here:


Well, as I’ve said before, this has been the best year ever and this summer has most definitely been the greatest summer of my entire life! I’ve been checking boxes off my list of things to do like crazy and making up for loss time like my life depends on it! So, now, the biggest box on my list that I can accomplish this summer: Cross country road trip! That’s right, I’m going on a cross country road trip! I’m going to go through 27 states in 12 days!! 21 of which I have never been to before!! I’m leaving on the 7th!! And I’ll get to see my saudade-sims4 again and I’ll be seeing deelitefulsims! I’m so ridonculously excited about this trip!

I’m going to share pics of the places I go along the way using the tag #MelB367RoadTrip so you can follow along or hide it if you’d like!

Of course, this means I’m still not doing any cc right now. However, after I get back, get settled into my new place, and find a new job (I’ve just been working part time at a restaurant but I’m going to go back to a corporate business job, gotta pay off this dream summer I’ve had! And save for next summer!) and then, soon after that, it will get cold here, and I won’t want to leave the house nearly as much, and I’ll get back to sitting down at my computer wrapped up in a blanket and get back to creating! Let’s just say I’m finding inspiration right now! 😉

One week from now, I’ll be setting out on the road for the adventure of a lifetime!! So excited!!!! This is me right now:


I am both JD and Turk in this instance. lol

Anyways, I’m still alive, I will be back when it starts getting cold in the fall, next week I’m hitting the road for an epic 27 state road trip and you can follow along with the tag #MelB367RoadTrip!


That’s me!!! I look just like Ron right now!!!

To all simmers, thank you for being you. You each have something unique and great about you. To all cc creators, you are all amazing at what you do. You are appreciated for all of the hard work you put into your creations. I admire you all. To those who don’t feel worthy to be a simblr or creator, don’t give up. Find your style and stick with it. Also remember that you’re doing this because it makes YOU happy. Your happiness is what matters the most & no hater can kill your joy! Much love. Xoxo


FOR EVERYONE! thanks for your kind message, very appreciated. xx :))

Exactly!!!! LOVE for ALL Simmers! I LOVE you ALL!!!!

THIS is what we should be doing.



THIS is the type of thing i was talking about when i said we should all be supporting each other more. 


  • A whole blog dedicated to sending love to simblrs
  • you get on there, write a nice message as an anon about a simblr 
  • the message is then published and they are tagged
  • i actively encourage this person to keep going and at the same time i encourage every single of of my followers to follow this account and use it to send positive messages to people!

Just trying to make the simblr community a better place ! xx ty

Beautiful idea 🙂