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I just love you all so much! So over the next week or so I’m going to share the love while I still have time to make stuff! First up is a set of 12 Prints by Andrea Lauren (incidentally my friend starlightdiner also did a set of different prints by her, you should grab those too)

Credits and Info:

The frame mesh + matting is by peacemaker-ic. You don’t need the original for it to work but you should get it anyway. HERE

Made with Sims 4 Studio – Design Tool Compatible



Vienna Bedroom by SaudadeSims

I know I haven’t posted anything recently, but these new meshes have been kicking my butt!

 If you like them, give a big hug to deelitefulsims, my beta tester, cheerleader, inspirational guru, and all around lovely and patient friend.

Also huge shout out to lexiconluthor for her video tutorial about laying out slots in TSRW and importing them into S4S. I couldn’t have done it without her!

The folks over at the sims4studioofficial forums are a goldmine of meshing and object tips and tricks. I love their program and their dedication to our Simming community 🙂

To all my followers, I love each and everyone of you! I know every group has some bad apples, but I truly think the people who make up our community are more lovely, kinder, and more generous than most other gamers. Simmers are the best!

Ok, included in this set are:

~ Fabric Headboard (30 plain colors) 104 polys

~ Wooden Headboard (10 colors) 52 polys                 

~ Bed Skirt (30 plain colors) 94 polys

~ Bed Blanket (30 plain colors, 20 patterns) 2,958 polys

~ Bed Pillows (30 plain colors, 20 patterns) *2,902 polys

~ Dresser (20 colors) *2,628 polys

~ End Table (20 colors) *1,752

~ Deco Finial (10 colors) *1,306 polys

~ Book End (10 colors) 1,046 polys

~ Mirror (5 colors) 342 polys

>> All items have a custom thumbnail and all the LODs and shadow meshes are correct. The headboards, bedskirt, blanket, and pillows are all found under comfort>beds.<<

Please notice the polygon numbers that are preceded by the asterisk. This denotes that these objects have a high poly based on what I have read. I think the consensus is that anything over 1,200 polys per tile is high. So the pillows are high by about 500, the dresser is high by 228, the end table is high by 552, and the deco finial is high by 106.

I am new to meshing and so I am having to learn all about balancing the design that I want with game limitations. That said, I have had each of every single object in every single color variation (that’s 235) on one lot at once and it didn’t cause me any issues. Use at your own caution, though 🙂 

The bedskirt, headboards, pillows, and blanket are designed to be mixed and matched 🙂 You have to have a separated mattress in order for your sims to sleep, though! There isn’t one included in this set but you can find them on my tumblr here, at the S4S forums here, at Veranka’s site here, and many other places. Just don’t forget to put a mattress on top of the bedskirt, under the blanket.

All the bedding objects should place without you having to type the bb.moveobjects cheat. Your sims will walk through the bedding unless there is a mattress there to block them. 

Sometimes the bedding gets a little dark because of all the meshes getting places on top of one another so what I do is turn on MOO and put a wall light under the bed. Move it around until you like how the light is and then leave it there. It won’t block the sims.

Use OMSP’s from kitkatssimporium to place the bookends on the dresser (my dressers are shorter than EA dressers so use the dining table OMSP) so they’ll sit against your book stack and not jump to a slot. 

Download from SimsFileShare (yay, my first time using this great new service!)

Bed Blanket Patterned

Bed Pillows Patterned

Bed Blanket Plain

Bed Pillows Plain

Fabric Headboard (matches the plain beddings)

Wood Headboard

Bed Skirt


End Table

Deco Finial

Book End



Merged File Containing All Objects and Recolors ) (51.9 mbs)

TOU: I made these meshes from scratch. Please feel free to recolor them as long as you use the “Selective Clone” method described at the Sims4Studio forums here. Don’t reupload these to any website and don’t claim them as your own. Don’t upload your mods folder with my CC included.  

Please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes or if you have any questions! Enjoy and tag me if you use my cc and you want me to reblog your post 🙂


In honor of 200 followers, here’s my very first mesh and buy mode item! 

I’ve seen a lot of people who want mattresses right on the ground, and I thought a box spring would be the next best thing, because, you know, some people don’t have bedframes and have their box spring and mattress right on the ground! Info and download under the cut! 

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This is cool. Thanks for using my cc in your previews 🙂