Figuring out spec maps is going to be the death of me.

saudade-sims4 I was looking at your objects and your speculars are soooooo good. Can you give me any tips or write a tutorial or something?

Sorry simsza, I wasn’t ignoring you, I just saw this! I used >> this << tutorial over at S4S to make spec maps 🙂 Thank god for kitkatssimporium

There goes my night…



Finished the bedroom in my new lot. Love this new bed by saudade-sims4, so modular and cute. That lamp by @peacemaker-ic, smooches! Thank you!


Found this gem in my bathroom sinks category, not in this color, I left the game to recolor them and other simista items to match my bathroom recolors so I could complete this bathroom. They were so easy, only took an hour to do it. Took about as long to update Windows 10. Grrr.




So here is an in game test of my recolours for SaudadeSims Holy Simoly’s Seychelles bathroom conversion. Pretty basic so far, but I wanted to test them out before going crazy with the colours and patterns. One of the recolour options will be what is pictured, wooden doors and plain white towels and accents. You will have your choice of the 10 different EA woods because maxis match with plain accents or accents in an unknown as yet number of patterns and colours. Hopefully I will have it ready for download by the end of the weekend here in Australia. I also want to do matching towels and bathroom rugs, maybe some blinds, in the colours and patterns I use because OCD. If anyone has any ideas for types of patterns they would like to see, or colours I should definitely include please let me know 🙂 So far I have a rather nice yellow chevron and stripe type pattern, turquoise and nothing else hahaha. 

Thanks go to saudade-sims4 for her conversionlexiconluthorts4cc for the EA wood textures and Sims4Studio of course.


25 Things To Try (Building)



Continuing the suggestion list, here’s things to try to build! There are no “wrong” interpretations and you’re free to use whatever content you want.

1) A motel that would have the word Cactus in its title

2) Fish restaurant on stilts

3) Small petting zoo

4) Junkyard

5) A house for a spoiled princess

6) An abandoned warehouse converted into a nightclub

7) A party boat

8) House for an evil villain – small and unassuming above ground, large and villain-ey underground

9) House for 3 that is entirely open plan minus the bathroom(s)

10) A community lot with a carousel

11) A trailer for an animal-hoarder

12) A residential for 3 circus performers

13) Two mirrored twin houses (on the same lot) for two twin grannies

14) Petrol station

15) Daycare (community lot)

16) A huge mansion for an eccentric sim, where only 4 rooms are furnished

17) A townhouse in a rundown area of town

18) A Victorian inhabited by ghosts

19) A house for a sim who owns way too many stuffed toys

20) A lot inspired by the word “Walrus” (yes really!)

21) A house with purple walls

22) A house shared by 4 “bros” who throw crazy ragers almost every night

23) 20s-inspired lounge

24) A park frequented by hobos

25) A public aquarium

This sounds fun 🙂