A little useful tutorial to get Sims 4 to load faster without merging! :)


I actually came across this neat program a while back that someone recommended for Sims 2 files, but I never used it until today! I got tired of spending hours (actually, weeks!) merging packages and then there would still be something messing my game up! 

I learned that when a package name has a character/symbol in it, or even a space, it makes the game run and load slower because your computer has to take extra time to process those names. So I used “Bulk Rename Utility” to change the names of all of my CC packages at the same time, by replaces those symbols  I currently have only done CAS stuff because I just really wanted to make some Sims and do lookbooks, so I did this with 3,500 packages all at the same time and the program was super quick, like 3 seconds to rename all of those! Soooo.. here’s how you do it. 🙂

You need: Bulk Rename Utility and your packages that you want to “fix”.

1. Open the program and find the folder with the packages, your mods folder or whatever! If it’s thousands, it may take a second for them all to load. Then highlight everything or go to Actions > Select All.


2. You’ll be using the box that says “Repl. (3)”, that’s where you will type in the special characters (one at a time!) that you see in any of your package files. Leave blank space next to “with”, just leave blank. *Make sure for parenthesis and stuff like that, to do both the left and right sides, at separate times. And apparently hyphens, underscores, and spaces are like worst! Sorry, I forget those in the picture below!


3. Press “Rename” over to the righthand side of the screen, and a pop-up will tell you how many files it processed, how many were changed, and how many didn’t need to be changed.


4. Then you’re pretty much done! It will show the new names with no special characters/symbols/spaces, just one long name. And you’ll still able to sort through everything and tell who the creator is! Now your game will run a lot better without having to spend that terrible time merging everything! 🙂


Wahh! I guess I need to change the way I name my cc! I didn’t know underscores would mess stuff up!

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