ts2 problem


ok so my game runs smoothly until i add new cc, after that it doesnt start and i have to uninstall and reinstall the game for it to start working again is there a quicker method than this one? its not corrupt cc because after i reinstall it works perfectly
is annoying me so so much and it stops me from playing ;-;

I don’t play TS2, do any of you great people have any info that might help my sweet little @serensimity?

Crisponix Ultragreat and London’s Choice Recolors – Redone

Here’s another set of my recolors that I’ve redone to be design tool compatible and to have custom thumbnails. I smoothed the texture on these so those irritating lines aren’t there anymore. I redid them all and added some colors, too. There are 20 swatches for both the stove and the refrigerator. 

These will replace the old ones unless you download the merged file. If you download the merged file, delete these files from your mods folder: 




Nothing bad will happen if you leave the old ones in, but you’ll have doubles 🙂

Download (Sims File Share):

Crisponix Ultragreat Refrigerator

London’s Choice Stove

Merged File




All the creators whose stuff I’ve used in my preview ❤

Minimalist Drapes and Flaunting Flounces Panels Recolors – Redone

Taking a break from meshing, I am working on redoing some of my early downloads to be compatible with the in game design tool and to have my custom thumbnails. These were some of the first things I ever recolored and my originals only had 9 swatches. Well, that just isn’t enough 😉 So here we have these base game curtains recolored with 50 swatches each and custom thumbnails. Hope they are useful!





*You can keep the old ones but you’ll have duplicates. There are some patterned ones in the old files that aren’t included with the new ones, but I’m making a new set of patterned ones that include them that will be up for download soon.

Download from Sims File Share:

Minimalist Drapes

Flaunting Flounces Panels

Merged File




and all the creators whose stuff I’ve used in my preview ❤ 🙂

Square Rugs





Includes 10 blue and violet rugs, the 10th is the first big picture in the post. 


Includes 10 rugs in green and [whatever color word you want to choose for teal-turquoise-aqua-cyan] 


Includes 10 neutral rugs, mostly grey. 


Includes a mix of pink and multicolored rugs 


Includes 10 warm rugs in red, orange, and yellow. 

Some notes:

  • Made with S4S 
  • 4×4 tiles Square
  • 5 different packages with 10 swatches each, pick what you want 
  •  all work with the in-game color tool 
  • categorized under rugs 
  • proper thumbnails
  •  $200 each. 

This is the first time I’m uploading content. I love making it, but I really make what I want for the families I’m playing, and I would rather finish a project than make it perfect. I love how these look in game, but this is one of the projects I babied to get all of the swatches I wanted in just a few files, so rose colored glasses. If you notice anything or have any problems, just let me know. 

There is one red traditional rug that isn’t pictured. When I was putting together the screenshots, one of the red rugs looked really dark and I didn’t care for it, so I cut it out of the pictures and I was going to take it out of the set. Later, it grew on me in live mode, so I kept it in after all. 

I wanted a selection of square rugs that included several styles of rugs in several colors in a minimum number of packages, because I don’t use square rugs excessively, but enough that I want a larger variety. The combinations may seem a little hodgepodge, but they fulfill exactly what I want – each set has at least one traditional and one modern rug in the general color family. I worked from a folder of images I collected for this project and I had way more of some colors than others so I distributed them across the group the best I could, but the collection sets aren’t exactly Pantone masterpieces 🙂 

THANK YOU to Sims4Studio! I’ve been playing around with it for a few months now and I have created over 5gb of mostly simple recolors – rugs, pictures, window treatments, pillows, etc. I’m cleaning out my files, adding thumbnails to older stuff, and I’ll post whenever I have time if anyone has any use of the stuff. 



Link to everything Sims4Studio. The team over there is pretty amazing to have built such a fantastic program!


These are beautiful.