Studio Halloween candy…sweet!


Sims 4 Studio updates tonight with support for the Spooky Stuff pack and new custom content management features.

Custom content management has been improved with the addition of a delete swatch feature. Swatches are the greatest contributor to .package size so if you feel your Mods folder is dragging your game get rid of swatches you don’t use.  To do so just click on an item and hit the Remove Swatch button. This will permanently delete the unwanted swatch.  Remember you need to click Save after deleting a swatch!

The object catalog description is now filled in so you can see the catalog description of the object you’re viewing as well.

Several of the bugs that were reported have also been fixed and Studio has been optimized.  Thank you  to everyone who reported an issue.  If you are still running into problems please let us know so we can fix it.

Pose makers needing to create default animation poses will find that their option to export a blank animation for this purpose is back.

Sims 4 Studio is a vibrant community with fun challenges and great content by some of the best creators making things for Sims 4 so stop in, grab some amazing things for your game, and have fun!


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