Crisponix Ultragreat and London’s Choice Recolors – Redone

Here’s another set of my recolors that I’ve redone to be design tool compatible and to have custom thumbnails. I smoothed the texture on these so those irritating lines aren’t there anymore. I redid them all and added some colors, too. There are 20 swatches for both the stove and the refrigerator. 

These will replace the old ones unless you download the merged file. If you download the merged file, delete these files from your mods folder: 




Nothing bad will happen if you leave the old ones in, but you’ll have doubles 🙂

Download (Sims File Share):

Crisponix Ultragreat Refrigerator

London’s Choice Stove

Merged File




All the creators whose stuff I’ve used in my preview ❤

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