Square Rugs





Includes 10 blue and violet rugs, the 10th is the first big picture in the post. 


Includes 10 rugs in green and [whatever color word you want to choose for teal-turquoise-aqua-cyan] 


Includes 10 neutral rugs, mostly grey. 


Includes a mix of pink and multicolored rugs 


Includes 10 warm rugs in red, orange, and yellow. 

Some notes:

  • Made with S4S 
  • 4×4 tiles Square
  • 5 different packages with 10 swatches each, pick what you want 
  •  all work with the in-game color tool 
  • categorized under rugs 
  • proper thumbnails
  •  $200 each. 

This is the first time I’m uploading content. I love making it, but I really make what I want for the families I’m playing, and I would rather finish a project than make it perfect. I love how these look in game, but this is one of the projects I babied to get all of the swatches I wanted in just a few files, so rose colored glasses. If you notice anything or have any problems, just let me know. 

There is one red traditional rug that isn’t pictured. When I was putting together the screenshots, one of the red rugs looked really dark and I didn’t care for it, so I cut it out of the pictures and I was going to take it out of the set. Later, it grew on me in live mode, so I kept it in after all. 

I wanted a selection of square rugs that included several styles of rugs in several colors in a minimum number of packages, because I don’t use square rugs excessively, but enough that I want a larger variety. The combinations may seem a little hodgepodge, but they fulfill exactly what I want – each set has at least one traditional and one modern rug in the general color family. I worked from a folder of images I collected for this project and I had way more of some colors than others so I distributed them across the group the best I could, but the collection sets aren’t exactly Pantone masterpieces 🙂 

THANK YOU to Sims4Studio! I’ve been playing around with it for a few months now and I have created over 5gb of mostly simple recolors – rugs, pictures, window treatments, pillows, etc. I’m cleaning out my files, adding thumbnails to older stuff, and I’ll post whenever I have time if anyone has any use of the stuff. 



Link to everything Sims4Studio. The team over there is pretty amazing to have built such a fantastic program!


These are beautiful.

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