Oh, it’s the Brazilian again, let the Ariana Grande that her last name in Portuguese means big



Not sure what this means. I don’t personally know Ariana Grande, sadly, so I won’t be able to give her your message. If I ever run into her at one of my huge Hollywood celebrity filled parties, though, I will tell her!

On a more serious note, I chose the name Saudade for my site because it doesn’t have a direct translation in English and it speaks to my soul. I have great love for the word because it fits the way I feel when I think of my mother who died in 2011, when I think of my marriage that failed, when I think of those that I have loved and who didn’t love me back, when I think of all the things my depression has caused me to miss. Sorry if you don’t like my use of your beautiful word. It was never, ever meant as an insult.

I’ve been feeling very saudade lately. And very hiraeth.

I miss you @saudade-sims4, my beautiful hippie soulmate.


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