Hello my fellow simblrs!

Meet Tama Strong. She is one with nature, and enjoys her solitude.

You can download her here, or you can download her from my gallery (deelitefulsimmer). Make sure you have the box checked that says include custom content, or you won’t be able to see her.

I highly recommend downloading the CC that I used to create her.

Eyes, eyelashes, skin, & eyebrows



CKS Stove Backless Mesh Edit  from simsza

Time for part 2 of my 1500 followers gift. I made a quick little edit of the cool kitchen stove to not have the back on it. I thought it looks derpy with it anyway and this way I can use it in an island counter like I always like to do. I did this a long while ago and figured I could share it with everyone!

Details: Found in Appliances, Stoves. 1,415 Simoleons. Custom Thumbnails. Requires Cool Kitchen Stuff.

Credits: Sims4Studio, Blender, TS4, EA


Sims FileShare | Mediafire

To all new CC creators



Please don’t apologize for your CC not being perfect. No one’s CC is ever perfect, even people who have been making it forever. By taking the time to learn new things and share them with everyone, you are already awesome. Yes, there is a learning curve, and no, the very first things you make probably won’t be without flaws, but don’t give up! The only way you can get better is to keep practicing.

And ignore anyone who may say your stuff isn’t good. You didn’t make it for them, you made it for you. Even if your CC doesn’t get a ton of notes or whatever, just keep on doing your thing. There are loads of people who never even try, and here you are making new things.

We need new CC creators to keep our games interesting and pretty. We need fresh talent to keep our community from going stale. We need creative people like you!



Hello my fellow simblrs!

Whew! Christmas was awesome, but I’m glad it’s over. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.

Meet Lillian! She is an avid gardener. She is a bit clumsy at times, but she has a good heart. Enjoy!

Download Lillian HERE

I highly suggest you use these cc items:

Skineyeseyelashes, & eyebrows

Other cc used

Hair is from Get Together, shirt and GT pants recolors also by me, and shoes are by sims4-marigold



FINALLY! I loveee these tables by @thingsbydean​ but, they only came in 1 color and that is just not enough for me. So, here are 34 recolors, half of them have white drawers and the other half have patterned drawers. I might do more with solid doors/ombre doors. But, for now I’m happy with these and hope you will be too. (The drawers are white, the lighting in my pics is just not the best)  ♥



As usual don’t be afraid to message me if something doesn’t work, they do have custom thumbnails so you can find them easier. Or just search for retro.

These are fantastic. Thank you so much, they desperately needed more colours. Downloading as soon as I’m at my computer.