why did you get so defensive? you obviously know that it’s low-key rude (dare i say discriminatory after how you reacted to just insinuations and not actual uses of the word) of you to make all barbie white slim sims or you would have just said “its how i like sims” and not gotten irrationally rude.





because I won’t even start to defend myself for creating my sims the way I do, end of story! instead it seems like you’re trying to imply that I’m a racist because I don’t have enough diversity in my game. btw, you’re not the first anon to critisize the way my sims look, but what was that last message supposed to tell me? thanks but I am aware of their appearance.

Dear Anon,

Please let the community know your race, size, and boobs size so we can make sure to only create sims that accurately represent YOU and ensure you no longer feel insecure while browsing your feed.



Omg I have a white, big boobed, thin blonde in my game… ! I must be racist.

well i mean yeah if all your sims are white, skinny, blonde and large chested you should probably consider why you dont think fat people or people of colour fit your ~game aesthetic~ like the fact that youre all making these jokes when someone is just asking for literally one sim that isnt a skinny white person really shows that you’re just as bad lmao

Why would anyone ask anyone to have a certain type of sim in their game? Does anyone play anyone else’s game? No. This isn’t a collective. I play my game. You play your game. 

If every single sim in someone’s game was white, skinny, blonde, and large chested it would have absolutely no effect on your life. Taking the preceding example further, even if the person took your admonishments to heart and added the correct amount (is there a consensus on this? Is there a threshold amount of sims one is required to have of each skin tone and each fitness level?) of fatness and color (or, conversely, thinness and paleness) to their neighborhood, it would (yet again) have no effect on your life. 

If you think you can look at pictures of a game that someone plays and deduce their morals, their outlook on life, the components of their personality, or anything else other than they like playing the game, you are sorely mistaken. Judging entire people by tiny slices of things they post online is terrible idea. 

This game is made so we can decorate the sims, the neighborhoods, the houses, and the rooms the way we like it. Do you enjoy looking at all the different ways different simblrs play their games? I do. I love seeing the vast array of sims and houses and stories. I never fail to find new ideas about designing sims and decorating houses from the posts on my feed. Would you be happier if everyone’s sims fit your particular specifications? Do you want to be the rule maker? Should we all send our sims to you with our neighborhood stats so you can preview them to make sure they fit into how you think everyone’s game should look? Or maybe there should be a panel of judges to vet each sim? I’ll go ahead and opt out of that process 🙂

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