I see your point, but… You say “I play my game. You play your game” but we all blog about our games and post pictures. Some blogs are huge, and a lot of simblrs kind of look like fashion magazines. On Tumblr, they are not games anymore. They’re blogs. And the truth is that the TS4 tag is, what, 99% skinny white people? I’m guilty of this myself, but we shouldn’t be afraid to discuss this perpetuation of “skinny white girl” as the epitome of beauty and perfection among simblrs.

Actually I very rarely post any pics of my sims because of issues like these. 

I agree that some simblrs look like fashion magazines. The thing is though, they are not fashion magazines. 

Fashion magazines are part of media conglomerates that are designed to make people feel bad about themselves so that they buy the things the companies that advertise in them are selling. Magazines and other media make money from making the public feel that their lives would be better if they looked a certain way (so buy our new *look like everyone else cream!*) or owned a certain item (buy our exclusive *blah blah blah* so your friends will be impressed and you will be cool!).  

The problem arises when only certain groups are in charge of the mass media. This is when under-representation of people of color or people of different sizes comes into play. There is no way for the normal, average person, by himself or herself, to have an effect on the mass media. That’s why it’s necessary to step up and protest and come together with others make your voice heard. Because regular people don’t have the resources to just start up their own magazines and newspapers and tv networks. 

This is different in the Sims Community. If someone has the game and a computer they can start a simblr. Creating and maintaing an active simblr costs only time and minimal resources (internet, decent computer, etc.) Therefore, if someone isn’t seeing the content they’d like to see, all they have to do to change that is to start their own simblr and post the things they like and want to see. I see a lot of bigger sims and beautiful sims of color on my dash, but if someone doesn’t think those things are being represented enough, all they need to do is do the representing. It’s possible to actually be the change you want to see in this case.  You have the power to change what you don’t like. That’s the beauty of the Sims, isn’t it? Creating what we want to see? Making what we like? 

I have no issue with discussing what you contend is the “perpetuation of “skinny white girl” as the epitome of beauty and perfection among simblrs. Start a discussion post! Invite others to join the conversation. Be ready to have your opinions challenged and to challenge others to see your point of view. I do not, however, agree with heaping judgment on anyone in the sims community because of the way their sims look. I do not agree with the idea that in order to get the representation one might want to see within simblrs one needs to tell other gamers how to play their game/run their blog/post their pictures or anything else. Especially because, if all else fails, you have the unfollow button up there. 


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