I was asked to put this house up for download but I was having such a blast decorating it I wanted to share some pics of it fully furnished 🙂

The Sim I made it for is originally from Nashville, TN and she is single. She has been able to realize her dream of owning her own little villa in a European town and has scoured the flea markets and consignment shops in Windenburg to furnish her house. She loves calm, soothing colors and classic design with some eclectic elements. You can see her in the living room pics.

Because of the sheer amount of CC I used while decorating this house, I’m only putting up for download unfurnished. Thanks to all the wonderful CC creators who make my game so enjoyable!

You can download the unfurnished house (it’s called Innsbruck Villa) on the exchange by searching for my origin ID: Groucho08. You’ll have to click the “include custom content” check box or whatever it’s called b/c I did include 2 pieces of CC that you’ll need to download.

Or you can download the tray files >>>>click here<<<<

The two CC items you’ll need are:

Mutske’s Pelham Oval Small Single 2×1 Window


Bakie’s Unlocked Lawn Parts

Pssst: @hippocampo and @funboysims-followblog


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