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this new cc tracker program is amazing, getting rid of loads of crap i dont use or that have errors etc 

Which one?

this one 

@tacha75 you get to tell it what language and it is supposed to help you see what cc you need when uploading someone elses build, but here’s how you track cc for your own stuff:

you save your sims/lots into your tray, then transfer them into a seperate file (i just put them in a file marked ‘tracking’ on my desktop);

then you open the program and transfer the tray files into the tray importer (it will then put this file into your tray files – which is why i removed them into a seperate file);

it gives you the option to install, just click yes or x;

then highlight the household/sim/build and click export with cc – this will check what files are used from your own mods folder (or if its someone else’s build then it’ll tell you what mods are needed, I assume);

when it lists the cc, I take photos (cause its quicker) of the whole list and then just cancel it (since i only want a list, not sure what else it does lol);

and bingo – I have been trying to clear out my cc for a while and get rid of stuff that has errors or i dont use and this lists everything used in the tray files, its amazing xxxxxx

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