Life in a Forest Corner Sofa

We got a request from @aerynaldie to recolor this little corner sofa made by @blackcatphoenix! The pillows were mapped a little strangely, and so only come in white, but to make up for the lack of patterned pillows, I recolored this sofa in 2 different palettes! 15 bold colors from my emotions palette, and 15 muted colors from the “subtle tile” palette I made the other day (and recently renamed the candy tile palette!) as well as a black and a white recolor, to make for 32 total swatches. The emotions palette sofas come with a black blanket, while the candy tile palette has a cream-colored blanket. I hope you like them, and thank you for following us here at @hamburgercakes​!


The mesh for these sofas is not included, so you’ll need to grab it from here!



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