Linen Beddings

The beddings begin! We got a request from @acousticfangirlingwaffle for solid colored and patterned beddings/separated mattresses, and I’ve started out with the basics! You’ve got 30 swatches in my emotions palette and candy tile palette, available for both single and double beds.

There’s a light linen texture on these beddings, the same one that I used on my Van Gogh bedding set. I’m obsessed with texture overlays, I can’t fight it. 

I used @dreamcatchersims4‘s single mattress edit, so there’s no footprint and these can be used on her fantastic bunk beds! I only had 2 sets of mattresses I could use on those, so desperately needed more!! I used @veranka-s4cc‘s mesh for the double mattress.

HUGE shoutout and thanks to @saudade-sims4 for letting me use her bedding texture PSDs for these little lovelies! She saved me such a headache! I was having a heck of a time tracking down what I needed, and she came to my rescue! (ノ✧ヮ✧)ノ*:・゚✧

And now, without any further name-dropping ado, here they are! I hope you like them, and thanks for following us here at @hamburgercakes! (okay, there was more name-dropping)



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