Fave Deco Mini-Pack  –  1 of ???

So this is basically just a little pack of cute things I wanted more colors of! There aren’t currently any more mini-packs in the works, but I’m sure there will be in the future! Random recolor needs tend to happen.

Puppy!! Statuette

I’ve started using this cute lil’ pup pretty often lately, but his original grungy metal colors weren’t really working for me. Only the copper was remotely acceptable, so I recolored him in my candy palette, plus a plain white.

Coffee Mug Rack

A super cute mesh that was ruined by dreary wrought iron, and pixelated, tacky cup designs. I changed the rack to a light wood, and perked up the coffee cups considerably. I doubled the resolution size (still only 512×512 though) so that the kitty face and heart designs I actually liked wouldn’t look like crud. It comes in 7 assorted colors, plus 1 all-white recolor.

Cookie Jar

I try to use this little guy all the time, but the over-the-top shininess always stops me in the end. I removed the horrendous specular, and recolored it in my candy palette, plus a plain white.

Gardening Tools

I’m obsessed with gardening deco, and this little tool box had so much potential, only to be dashed with garishly painted flowers on the side. It would be alright if kids could garden too, but they can’t, so there’s no reason for this tool box to look like that. I recolored it in my natural stone palette to give it a more grown-up vibe, but then used my candy palette as well, for those still young at heart.

The files are all packaged separately within the download, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to keep. Enjoy!


Thank you!

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