733 Central Ave. /// [Urban-industrial Studio]

So some Nonnies have requested this build from this post and after days and days of rebuilding, CC hunting and sobbing in my G&T glass. I’ve finally figured this little shit out. So here it is, an urban-industrial studio designed for two grungy-artsy types chicks. Or that’s who it was intended for, but whatever floats yer boat.

This lot is extremely CC heavy, I cannot stress enough on the amount of stuff that goes with it! So if you really want to download this, you’d better be ready for a shit ton of clutter.

credits; floors | floors 2 | walls | windows | windowdoor 

TV antenna | air vent & roof A/C | house number plate | doorbell | street deco | tree | bicycle | bicycle 2 | dumpster | beer case | boxes, clock, steel rack | ashtray | wood box | wall stickers | graffiti | garden basket, soda can | sofa | newspaper stacksmall planter, small planter taller, table | A/C | garden lamp | bench

counter | island & cabinets | stove | desk & clutter | fridge |

loveseat | sofa | bar stool | chair coffeemaker | TVguitar & painting small | wall alphabet lights | painting supplies | glasses 1, 2 & flower 2 |  books | trunk & blanket | clothes rack & hanging clothes | grinder & pipe | grinders | absolut vodka | drug decor | drug decor 2 | polaroid camera | picture stands | round pillows | stomp boxes, beer pack,  amp #1 | wall shelf & shelf box vertical | street entrance rugcat stickers | electric sockets | light switch | polaroid & string photosstep stool, wall rack utensils, wall rack plant, wall rack storage | fan | beer (english) | cat paintings | band posters | hipster paintings | blackboard paintings | kitchen deco signs | clothes shelf (black)cans & books in crate modern prints | portraits | mat | large ficus pot | paintings | cute pillow | hanging art cups | drawing with pencil & felt tip pens | framed posters | cage, camera, mascara, polaroids, tin jar, pencils | tokidoki toyowl | fox pillow, hedgehog, zebra pillow, backpack, alarm clock, elephant, bird deco, september books | bag & bath deco  | spicebin, vintage camera | books | bird & frames | rucksackpc gamesbooks 2 | nintendo ds, kitchen utilities, conserves, nailpolish |  cord | boxes | coffee potrug | teaplanters | lamp & picture clip | book with glasses & suitcase | ivy pot large | DIY clutter | standing books | box, light switch, electric pipes | painting 2, 3, 4 | clock | trash can & dead end sign | wall writing | poster pack | kitchen paintings | owl 2 | hanging hat, pencil cup, cushions | floor lamp | tea boxes | BMO | HP Posters (Half-Blood Prince) | gaming posters | open magazine & BooksB | pizza | pillows, headphones, blankets | nerd pillow | pillow | more pillows | bread cutting board | coffee and biscuits | maple syrup | cocoa and glasses | glass jars | vinegar and oil | random candy | hot sauce | bottles in crate & curio shelf

dresser | mirror & wood box | single iron bedframe | single bed frame & mattress | bed mattress | fluorescent sticker | yet more pillows | again with the pillows

curtains (both) | magazine pile | ashtray | picture frameslipstick, cream, straightener,  eye shadow 1 & 2, hair straightener  | box | bed dog pillow | make-up set | hanging bags | small ivy pot | mug | string lights door & window | black and white picture | kreativitum paintings | portraits of nobility | multi paintings | antlers

autumn mod (this is not mandatory, obviously, but I dunno how it looks without it)

lot size 20×15;

DOWNLOAD (dropbox) | DOWNLOAD (mediafire)

TOU; don’t be a dick, don’t do it hoe . but feel free to refurbish this however the feck you want, just gimme a holla at #necroberry sims, I’d enjoy seeing what came out of it


  • it is imperative that you place this lot in build mode and not before enabling bb.moveobjects
  • I have all the SPs and EPs, so I haven’t the faintest if this is base game compatible or not; aside from the bonfire I think I haven’t used much in that sense, but I dunno. would appreciate it if someone could get back to me on this issue.
  • the bathroom is purely functional and fully EAxis because I was about to murder someone if I had to touch that one too
  • there are three objects which I haven’t been able to let go of that unfortunately can no longer be found anywhere for download and I don’t feel comfortable sharing items with my builds. so you have two options: go without them, since it’s just deco items that can be replaced, or ask around for someone that still has the files. the CC in question: sg5150′s SimsInLuxury Shoe Set, toksik’s Vanity part 1 and Wata Sim’s wall art set2
  • regarding the issue above, if you still can’t find anyone with the items and you really can’t go without them, please check this ask here

special thanks; all the amazing creators that made this possible, here’s a high-five fer you @mio-sims @msteaqueen @nullspacenancy @lina-cherie @budgie2budgie @loveratsims4 @conceptdesign97sims @blackcatphoenix @kiwisims4 @simforadream @dominationkid @dreamteamsims @chisimi @a3ru @notegain @imadako @onebillionpixels @veranka-s4cc @rachelssimstuff @cool-panther @jools-simming @simsbyme @watasim @ouiouisims @v-vian-sims @grilledcheese-aspiration @deardaisysims @letichespixels @meghewlett  @dani-paradise @aiden-white @puresims @saudade-sims4 @viikiitastuff @leo-sims @lindseyxsims @hvikis @thesimsm0dels @simista @onyxsims @aroundthesims @rizry and so many more it’s not even funny

and @nicole-simsessed for being my sounding board and bearing with mebat

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