does anyone know what is causing this polygon edge highlighting (you can see it on the surface of the lamps)? This doesn’t happen on my other desktop and the graphics card rendering this game is way beyond what is needed for TS4 (GTX 970) but this edge highlighting is really bugging me. It even happens on sims too, so not just limited to me cc so i am thinking it is a rendering problem. The graphics card is up-to-date driver-wise, so not sure what could be causing it and no idea how to fix it. Only seems to be TS4 too, GTAV and Fallout has no issues. 

OMG!! This is whats happening to me!! And only on TS4. My friend who built my PC said that my graphics card might be to good for sims or something? I thought he was joking because he built it.. but now I don’t know because it’s only the sims

Can confirm. The tearing and fine lines in CAS and in game happens because our graphic cards are literally too good for the Sims 4 as it was most likely optimized for lower cards. Ridiculous really, and maybe EA will fix this in the future because more and more people will get better cards as they get newer PCs.

I mean, @league-of-sims I can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous that sounds. Although I do feel so much better I’m not the only one it’s happening too. I thought I had something messed up with my PC or game. It’s really annoying, however we obviously have amazing computers, so.. I’ll take that win? LOL

That is what’s causing it?! My graphics card might be too good?! Smh. Of course! Why didn’t I think of that! JFC.


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