Deep Concrete Collection

When I was forced to take two weeks off of work to use up annual leave , I decided against going on holiday in favour of building this kitchen ….plus the fact that im broke has nothing to do with this decision … anyway….

Its arrived . I feel like this has been a labour of love in regards to building countless meshes , ensuring they flow together as a cohesive set , changing shaders and uv mapping each piece to share the same space on the uv map .
Find these items by searching Deep concrete collection within the game search bar or by my little icon in the top corner of the thumbnail
lets get down to it shall we ?

This set includes :

  • Counters – $200 , 16 swatches , 124 poly
  • Islands – $170 , 17 swatches  , 70 poly
  • Upper cabinets – $180 , 16 swatches , 114 poly 
  • Dining table – $650 , 1 swatch , 56 poly
  • Dining chair – $80 , 16 swatches , 98 poly
  • Bar stool – $90 , 16 swatches , 80 poly
  • Sink – $200 , 5 swatches , 338 poly
  • Utensil clutter – $35 , 5 swatches , 278 poly
  • Barista station – $850 , 17 swatches , 2000 poly ( get to work required for mesh to show up )
  • Bar – $750 , 17 swatches , 676 poly
  • Range hood – $190 , 1 swatch , 220 poly

Ok so some of the thumbnails on the counters , islands and upper cabinets tend to get mixed up , this is due to how the game generates them . Will be fixed if an easy fix is found , not game breaking at all . All meshes are truly modular. Create awesome island tables by placing corner island pieces together for cluster seating . Everything is base game compatible besides the Barista station which requires GET TO WORK

Due to the fact that I edited the shader on the upper cabinets and removed the occluders (the shadow thingys) , items placed on the counters may darken upper cabinets slightly , THEREFORE please download the awesome Override mod for all appliances and refrigerators EA has released so far, by the glorious @peacemaker-ic also check out his beautiful kitchen while you there.

TOU :  Please do not claim this as your own, don’t re-upload elsewhere. please credit me if recoloring and please dont include my mesh. If you use this , please mention me as I love seeing my CC in your beautiful games.

Please enjoy my little offering


This is wonderful!!



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