It’s been forever! I got wrapped up in school and my son and caring for my grandmother and my depression attacked me in a bad way this winter. But I finally got my creative mojo back and I never forgot about you guys! I’ve missed everyone like crazy. 

I wanted to share some work in progress pics with you of the dining room I’ve been working on 🙂 It’s based on a bunch of stuff from Restoration Hardware. I finally got the sheer curtains to work! I figured out how to make pieces of stuff invisible using alpha! I got the table down to a manageable poly count! Woot! lol. 

There’s deco stuff from a lot of different places because I can’t post pics of an un-decorated room and I haven’t really made that much deco (working on it!). So in the last pic you can see a list of the new meshes (well, the rug isn’t a new mesh, but the textures are new).

I’m not sure when I’ll have this all complete, but as soon as I do I’ll have it up for everyone to download. I work on it every day so it shouldn’t be too long. 

Clock on the pics to enlarge them so you can see everything better.

Let me now what you think! 

I’m off to download everything I’ve missed since I’ve been gone 🙂

Omfg this is beautiful!!! I can’t wait!


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