Sims 4 – Tumblr Room – Dinha







Hope you like it…. available for download ❤

That’s a pretty room. I went to YouTube and watched so you could get that view count up! Then I downloaded the file you provided! The link was an link. Guess what was in the file? My custom content! I’m glad you like it! I took a screenshot: 

I underlined my sets that were in the rar file. I also pointed out @peacemaker-ic‘s files that I saw in there because I know his terms of use don’t permit this kind of thing. 

If you look on my Tumblr you see this:

I made a handy little arrow on the screenshot I took in case you missed it.

When you click on that link you get taken to this page:

Another arrow to point out that I don’t allow other people to take my work and put it up for download anywhere else. AND YOU PUT IT ON YOUTUBE TO GET YOUTUBE VIEWS AND PUT IT THROUGH AN ADF.LY LINK!!!!! 

I make no money making this stuff for people to use. I love creating and I spend countless hours doing it. Do you really think it’s fair for you to try to make money off my work when *I* don’t make money off my work????

This makes me very unhappy. It isn’t hard to read a TOU page and it’s way easier than that to just NOT take other peoples’ stuff and try to make money off of it. WTF??? Gross.

Oh HELL no! Such bullshit.

this is bullshit but I like how you pointed it out. 😉

My girl! The most smoothest and more classy way of handling this practice.  *HUGS*

to @dinhagamer, tsk…tsk

You are very polite, a lot of creators would have handled this kind of behaviour very different!

Love you guys!

Sims 4 – Tumblr Room – Dinha


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