This has gone too far. No one ever saw me vex or offend anyone. First of all in my first houses, I always put all the CC list used and the Mods folder wasn`t available for download. After several comments, asking constantly to provide mods, and because several mods were no longer available …. I started to include mods in the download. Unlike other people (as i have seen on youtube), I did what I was asked and never called lazy to the people that see my videos, because they don`t want to download object by object (And i understand)!!! It would be very rude of me and I tried to appeal to the various people who made me this request!!! No one deserves to download object to object!!! Also… the content is free and available on the internet. Just like I make available my mods for all of you to use, however you want !!! I don`t have rules for my CC….. I really don`t care about it. I’ve seen my content re-uploaded, in a folder that says Anonymous" and i never said anything to the person who did that. I was just happy to see my mods on others people house, and i just send messages saying “thank you for use my cc”.  And that’s enough for me!! I create mods because I like and i do not feel the need to be recognized for it!!!!! I do for others to use, so they can have fun and not to fill my ego!!!!

if I have a problem, I talk to that person. I do not have the habit to share messages on the Internet for all to see !!! That`s not a lesson to the person… that`s being rude. But that’s me … I have no time, life, patience or age to be stingy!!!

I will continue to do my houses, but with the  CC list available on my blog. I apologize to the people who follow my channel. I tried to please everyone but from now i will not include objects in the Mods folder. @saudade-sims4 next time that you have a problem with me, be adult and send me a message….

I don’t use the private messaging system to resolve the problem of people putting my CC up for download and trying to make money off of it. 

My thoughts on the matter are like this:

If you feel like it’s okay for you to download my CC, use it to get YouTube views and then put it in a folder with other creator’s CC and make a public adf.ly download link, then you should be ready for someone to have a public problem with your actions. 

I don’t care if people ask you to include the CC you use in your builds in your downloads. Of course people will ask that. What’s not ok is you saying, “Oh someone wants me to put CC other than my own up for download, so I will, because they asked me to.” And most egregious of all, putting it up behind an adf.ly link. Are you even kidding?

I also don’t care how you personally feel about people using your CC. Your personal feelings of “OH YAY PEOPLE LIKE MY STUFF!!?!!” have nothing to do with my TOU. If you are fine with others re-uploading your CC, good for you. I don’t feel the same way. Which is why I state it clearly IN MY TOU.

I like how you have implied that my HUGE EGO is the cause of all these problems. Yes. Thank god you pointed it out. My ego is the problem here. I’m actually pretty surprised I can still walk upright what with the weight of my GREAT BIG INFLATED HEAD sitting on top of my neck. *I* need to stop being such an ego-driven, greedy, stingy diva. Right. I’ll get right on that. 

Do you really want to talk about who is being stingy here, @dinhagamer? Really? Are you sure? Because I called *you* out for trying to MAKE MONEY OFF OF MY STUFF. Any comments about that little factoid? I must have missed it in your eloquent rebuttal.

Look at my site. Do you see anyone having to go to freaking YouTube video in order to get to a link to download my CC? Do you see ANY of my CC linked to freaking adf.ly? No. No, you don’t. Because the last thing I am trying to do with my CC is make money. Let me state that again for clarity: I am not here to make money off my CC. And I think my actions in this community pretty clearly support my claim. 

So just to be clear, @dinhagamer, the next time I have a problem with you trying to make money off my work I WILL NOT send a private message. If you don’t want me to make a public post about you, don’t give me a reason to. I had justifiable cause and reason to point out your actions. Maybe you feel I was rude. That’s ok. But to continue on behaving like the non-adult you claim I am, you started it.

I’m off to my money vault to go swim in the millions that I have accumulated due to my greedy, stingy nature and charging for my CC. Just like Scrooge McDuck. With a really big head.