I love your cc :)

I know this is a late response, but I love *you*!



oh. my. glob. saudade-sims4 it’s like they made an update, just for us!!!!


Also, since I’m still on hiatus, I come on to tumblr about once a week, like every single thing you’ve posted since the last time I was on tumblr, and then close tumblr. Because:


You know how to make me feel loved, Princess Butthead!

And yes, the tumblr gif update was obviously made with us in mind 😉 Let’s test it out, shall we?




Hello my fellow Simblers!

Today I bring you yet another set of scrubs for your Doctor sims. These are plumbob themed!!! I love them lots and lots! I promise up next will matching scrubs for the dudes. I pinkie swear!

You can download them here and here.

TOU: Please don’t claim as your own, or put them on pay sites.


What! You better let me know when you are getting ready to post stuff, girlie! 

I’m so sorry! I posted really late the first time, and I did’t want to wake you. I promise next time I will let you know!


Look at this: 

We are Lone Demon, Alpha Demon, and Ancient Beast. We are going to start a Death Metal band. FYI.