I absolutely hate asking this, so please forgive me for asking, but is all of you custom content safe? I’m really scared that something might happen to my computer.




Well, you’ve found me out. I’ve embedded tiny little gnomes in all my cc that will escape into your house once you download and install my cc. It’s okay though! The gnomes only search your house for fresh baked goods and naked pics which they then bring back to me. 


My CC is not going to break your computer. The worst that could happen is that for some reason it would crash your game and then you would remove it from your mods folder. Easy peasy. That’s what I love about cc downloads, there’s no permanent commitment. If you don’t like it, delete it!

I can attest to this! I have all of it!

I have every single thing ever made by saudade-sims and have never had a single issue. Plus it’s all super nice.
Most CC creators test their items in game.
As she said though, the very worst thing that could happen is you install it in your game and your game crashes, so you remove it.

Oh dear. You guys better watch out: 

I’m gonna tackle and squeeze you!

These new meshes are for the sweet @thisissimtastic

Ok! Finally got these done! I had some issues with getting the mattress to place without using MOO but the wonderful OM @sims4studioofficial  showed me how to fix the problem, yay! Also had some issues with blender wanting to smooth the mesh that made this whole set take longer than I anticipated, but I got that fixed too. It’s better to have MOO turned on when placing items on the headboards just because things seem to place better that way 🙂

Included are:

Double Bed Frame   $200     (250 polys)

Single Bed Frame    $150     (203 polys) 

Dresser                    $200     (1098 polys)

Tall Dresser             $150     (764 polys)

Right End Table       $100     (250 polys)

Left End Table         $100      (250 polys)

*14 Recolors of OM’s Sofia Selectables Mattress  $367  (630 polys)

*you need OM’s mesh for these to show up! click >>>here<<< to download the mattress mesh.

You can click on the items above to download individually or you can download the merged set here:

>>>Merged Set<<<

I didn’t make any new single bed recolors but I’m busy trying to update all my files so they will work with the ingame design tool and when I’m done with that, I’m going to make single versions of all my appropriate double beddings 🙂

Recolors are welcome! Just use the selective clone method in Sims4Studio and don’t upload your recolors of my meshes to any paysites or behind an adfly (or any similar site) link 🙂


OM and all the wonderful people over at Sims4Studio and their most excellent program





Google image search for all my textures


Believer Photoset

10 lovely girly vintage like photographs I found today. So I decided to do a set. My favorite is the bunny. ^o^ 

 Download – | Dropbox | Believer Photoset

CC Used:

  • Me – For the marshmallow pillows.  
  • Saudade Sims – For the beautiful rug.


Please don’t claim these as your own! 

All in one file.

Please enjoy this adorable photoset… ♥

These are cute! Thanks for using my cc 🙂 ❤