Believer Photoset

10 lovely girly vintage like photographs I found today. So I decided to do a set. My favorite is the bunny. ^o^ 

 Download – | Dropbox | Believer Photoset

CC Used:

  • Me – For the marshmallow pillows.  
  • Saudade Sims – For the beautiful rug.


Please don’t claim these as your own! 

All in one file.

Please enjoy this adorable photoset… ♥

These are cute! Thanks for using my cc 🙂 ❤



I’ve hit 200 followers! Here is part one of my gift to you guys as a thanks for following me. 

Here are ten brightly colored dressers for your sims to enjoy. :]

You can download them »here«

Rug by: saudade-sims4
Pictures by me. 

TOU: Do not claim as your own, do not upload to paysites

Pretty! Also, thanks for using my cc! ❤

I am so excited!!! I can have all of your stuff and not just plain or pattern!!!! ahhh ! I LOVE YOU! I can’t wait to get all of the puppet theater curtains – those are amazing! :D youre amazing. I wish I knew how to quit you! haha my game is mostly yours and inabadromance’s CC. I LOVE IT

Lol! You are something else 🙂 This is why I really love to create stuff. You don’t need to quit me! lol! I’ll have the Puppet Theater and Garbo Hanging curtains out as recolors sometime tonight, so you don’t have to wait long! Also, all those compliments are gonna give me a big head, but I love it! Love you too!